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Why is Access to Transportation a priority area?

Rural communities have few options for public transportation. Rural residents often have issues in accessing health services due to the lack of transportation.


  • There are limited taxi services in Iowa County.
  • There are no Uber drivers in Iowa County.
  • There is limited public transportation in Iowa County.
  • There are fewer volunteer drivers in the community.
  • Among adults surveyed in the 2018 Iowa County HeART Survey:
    o 7.7% do not drive
    o 5.4% have missed an appointment or have been unable to shop in the previous six months due to lack of transportation
    o 5.9% have no one they can call in an emergency

Goal: Increase access to community services by reducing transportation barriers.

  • By the end of quarter two of 2024, we will recruit 3-5 additional volunteer drivers.
  • Explore opportunities for volunteerism.
  • Create a brochure to recruit volunteers.
  • Increase visibility by attending community events.
  • Develop a video promoting volunteerism.


Thank goodness for the ADRC and LIFT! ~ Jodean Grunow

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